Subspecies Info: Biak Island Eclectus

Biak Island Eclectus (Eclectus roratus biaki)

This beautiful member of the Eclectus family is found on the island of Biak in Cenderawasih (Geelvink) Bay, which is off the northern coast of West Papua, Indonesia. This subspecies is smaller than its nearest neighbour, the New Guinea Eclectus, and is much brighter in appearance. Biak Island is a very popular bird watching destination and many bird watching trips are organised from Biak town to the island of Yapen and other islands in this remote part of Indonesia. There are small numbers of Biak Eclectus in captivity around the world, including the United States. Future captive breeding and species management programs would help this subspecies become better established in aviculture.

Caption 001: Biak Island Eclectus female.Note: Female Biak Island Eclectus Eclectus roratus biaki.

Caption 002: Biak Male-Head and eye ring colour. Note: Photo by Susie Christian USA.

Caption 003: Male Biak Island Eclectus-Susie Christian. Note: Taken by Susie Christian, this beautiful photo of the male Biak Island Eclectus.

Caption 004: Biak female-Head and eye ring colour. Note: Photo by Susie Christian.