Subspecies Info: Aru Island Eclectus

Aru Island Eclectus (Eclectus roratus aruensis)

Confined to the Aru Islands Indonesia, this large sleek subspecies is the second largest next to the Australian Eclectus. The Aru Islands are the most easterly islands of Maluku; this group of six main islands lies 160 km south of the West Papua mainland in the Arafura Sea. Both male and female of this subspecies are slender in appearance, have longer tails than the other subspecies with exception of the Australian Eclectus. Male Aruensis are a deeper emerald green with a tinge of blue suffused to the head and nape area. The Aru Islands are very remote and the locals trap the wild Eclectus to supplement their meger income, These birds along with many other species are traded to bird importers that regularly visit these out-of-the-way islands every few months, these birds are brought back to Ambon or Jakarta and sold at bird markets.

Caption 001: Female Aru Island Eclectus-Uwe Beckedorf Germany.Note: Taken by Uwe Beckedorf at his aviaries in Germany.

Caption 002: Male Aru Island-Head and eye ring colour-Uwe Beckedorf Germany.Note: A striking pose of a male Aru Island Eclectus showing the eye ring colour.

 2 A beautiful pair of Aruensis-Bred in Australia

Caption 003: A Beautiful pair of Aruensis-Bred in Australia.

Caption 004: Aruensis female-bred in Western Australia by well known Eclectus breeder.

Caption 005: Young Aruensis male bred by well known Western Australian breeder.

Caption 006: Adult breeding pair of Aru Island Eclectus-Uwe Beckedorf Germany.Note: Taken in the aviaries of Uwe Beckedorf in Germany.

Caption 007: Male Aru Island Eclectus-Uwe Beckedorf Germany.Note: Uwe Beckedorf is a well-known German breeder of Eclectus Parrots.

Caption 008: Aru Island Eclectus female-Uwe Beckedorf Germany.Note: Female Aru Island Eclectus-Eclectus roratus aruensis.