Welcome to Eclectus-Parrots.com!

Welcome to Eclectus-Parrots.com!

This site has been created for breeders and pet Eclectus Parrot owners that share the same thoughts and ideas about these fascinating birds.

This site is dedicated to a rather unique species of parrot, the Eclectus Parrot Eclectus roratus. Unique because of the distinct sexual dimorphism between males and females.

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Graham Taylor (Author) with three Australian Eclectus Eclectus roratus macgillivrayi at the Pearl Coast Zoo, Broome Western Australia.

I would like to thank the following people who assisted me with information on the various subspecies and those who provided images for me to use on this site, my heartfelt thanks go to you all:

  • Laurella Desborough – USA
  • Uwe Beckedorf – Germany
  • David Kuehn – USA
  • Martina Mueller – Germany
  • Walsrode Bird Park – Germany
  • Susie Christian – USA
  • David Taylor – Australia
  • Dean Moser – USA
  • Jesse Garduno – USA
  • Russell Kingston – Australia
  • Geoff De Cruz – Australia
  • Ellen Aparicio – USA
  • Graham Bradley – Australia
  • Pearl Coast Zoo – Australia