Here you will find links to Eclectus Groups and Eclectus Parrot breeders and their web addresses. These are sites that I am either a member of or I visit on a regular basis. These are of some of the most respected breeders and keepers of these birds from around the world. By becoming members of these groups, you can ask questions and seek advise on how to care for your Eclectus Parrot. Help is just a click away.

Eclectus Breeders

Laurella Desborough, USA:
Laurella is a well-known breeder of Eclectus parrots and has written many articles on these birds. Laurella is also the foundation member of the Eclectus Group.

Uwe Beckedorf, Germany:
Uwe is also a well-known breeder of Eclectus parrots and has a number of subspecies. Uwe also breeds Macaws and Amazon parrots.

Susie Christian, USA:
Susie has been breeding Eclectus for a long time and is one of the very few people in the United States that has the Biak Island Eclectus Eclectus roratus biaki in her collection. Susie is also very active in the Eclectus groups online.

Eclectus Groups

The Eclectus Group:

Eclectus Breeders Group:

Eclectus Pet Owners Group:

There are many Eclectus Parrot related sites on the Internet, just type the words’ Eclectus parrot’ into a search engine and you will have hundreds of interesting sites you can visit and learn about these fascinating parrots.